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What Sex News You Need today

Global access to pornographic products has generated an absolute change around the audiovisual culture of sex. Now everyone can enjoy any type of erotic scenes with the greatest ease from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This fact has led to a much more natural vision of the erotic practices that can be observed through the screen, to such an extent that the consumer is able to think about the similarities and differences they have with their perception of sex in life.

Therefore, a study made by Asia sex news has pressed the opinion of consumers, observing what goes through their mind during the time they spend enjoying the most varied carnal scenes. Among the most outstanding thoughts (besides, of course, of the pure sexual excitement), the following should be highlighted:

  1. “I can / cannot do this myself”

The comparisons are a natural reaction of the human being, who seeks to feel identified. In recent times, with the naturalization of porn, the practices that can be observed in the scenes are increasingly closer to what ‘real’ people can practice in their homes (or whatever their chosen corner to unleash) to his instincts), to such an extent that many can get to see in conditions to star in their own audiovisual pornographic adventure. Even so, there are always impossible postures and surprising performances, and it is not bad to assume your own limits.


  1. “Are these bodies real?”

Yes, in full excitement, there are few porn consumers who ask themselves if those individuals who are carrying out the surprising scenes will be natural or the product of a careful work in the operating room. While it is true that silicone and artificial bodies are increasingly less abundant, the increasingly demanding gym routines lead to observe unthinkable muscles and shapes. And some entertain themselves in imagining how they have been obtained…


  1. “Is the rhythm real or is the scene accelerated?”

It happens especially with the great pornographic productions, or with actors and actresses of great performance. Sometimes, the ‘normal’ viewer may find it impossible to emulate the speed with which they perform their sexual movements. Not all people can have the same agility when performing certain practices.

  1. The fulfillment of fantasies, or the surprise of the unexpected


The most frequent example, for many men, is to find themselves in their moments of sexual audiovisual frenzy with a scene of lesbian sex. Whether it’s suddenly a torrid passage of these characteristics in the middle of a high-voltage film, or because in a continuous and ephemeral viewing of videos the desired fantasy is reached, it ends up being a surprising surprise for many that improves the experience.

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